Construction of Mosque and Madrassa
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“Service to Humanity with Integrity”

We are distributing Wheel chair  Sewing machine Hand pump Ramadan package 

The Sardaran Bibi Foundation is on the ground and is already working with local communities to assess how best to support the affected families, who are in immediate need of food, rations, swing machines, wheelchairs, etc.

Wheel Chair £ 150

Swing Machine £ 80

Hand Pump £ 150

Ramadan Package £ 50

Emergency Appeals

We’re On a Mission to

Serve Humanity

Tameer E Watan Appeal

We’ve started Tameer-e-Watan program…

Tameer E Watan Appeal

We’ve started Tameer-e-Watan program…

bike for disabled person


Helping Today

Our Goal is to Help Poor People

Today, we supported the education of 20000 children born in poor families cross 12 undeveloped countries over the world . in the future, our goals are

  • Have enough food for life.
  • Poor children can return to school.
  • Support poor people to have better jobs.

Ways To Donate

A Small Donation

Can Make Difference

Direct Deposit

Direct deposits or transfers can be made into our accounts at any of the banks.

Cash Pickup

To pick-up donations from your doorstep, simply call us at given numbers and We’ll collect it.

Donate Online

You can donate online using any Visa or MasterCard anywhere from the World.